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Dear second generation Japanese immigrants and non-Japanese people: For trash and junk collection
                    in the Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka areas, Go-Go Cleanup is the place to call!

Second generation Japanese immigrants and non-Japanese people: Fee estimates! Our campaign / We will transport and discard unneeded items and trash for you. Do you have any problems or concerns about furniture, household appliances, and / or real estate disposal in Japan?
I can only speak English./I can speak Japanese,but I cannot read or write it./I don't know how to discard or throw away my trash./I don't know the standard price for trash removal services./The laws in Japanese are different from the laws in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q Can I pay in US dollars?


A Unfortunately no, please pay in Japanese yen.


Q Is it possible to pay by Credit Card?


A The following credit cards are accepted.
VISA/MasterCard/American Express


sofa staff
Single items(shelves,cupboards,drawers) 10,000yen(tax included)
Three person sofa 15,000yen(tax included)
Three door refrigerator 15,000 to 20,000
yen(tax included)
One room approximately
80,000yen(tax included)
1DK* approximately
120,000yen(tax included)
2LDK* approximately
200,000yen(tax included)
3LDK* approximately
250,000yen(tax included)
Single house, fivebedrooms, and garden approximately
300,000yen(tax included)

[ * Japanese apartments have unique layout terms, please look them up online if necessary.]


There are also
a discount plans available

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Approximate schedule
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TV fridge

Those who would like to correspond over phone,
please make a reservation with us over email.
Free estimates!!

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If you would like to get a same-day estimate,
or if you are in a hurry,please call our toll free number.

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