No need to attend

Must-see for those who worry about something likes
  • We do the cleaning and also hold a memorial service for Buddhist altar with no attendance.
  • We send you the before/after pictures of work.
  • We hear the detail from customers beforehand so that we estimate accurately and do the polite work.
Overseas residents

If you’re transferred overseas for business, you should leave your house and some problems may occur. These days, the more the number of vacant house is, the more troubles such as arson and burglary occur. We, 55 OKATADUKE, respond to the request from the overseas residents.

Do you have any troubles? Such as;

  • Suddenly transferred overseas,
     and worryabout the house.
  • Though a relativehas died
     and you should inherit the house,
     unable to correspond from overseas
  • Disposalof the vacant house
People living abroad, leave it up to US, 55 OKATADUKE!!
Flow of use
  • Enquiry

    We’ll ask you about details of work, area and the request date by e-mail.
    Please consult with every kind of thing about your question and unclear points.

  • Keep a key

    Please send us the contract and the key necessary in estimate by mail.
    If you leave them to house owner or management company, we come to take them.

  • Estimate

    We see the placeand estimate.
    After that, we send you the pictures and the estimate and request paper.

  • Payment

    If you agree to the estimate,
    please send us the paper back and pay by bank transfer.

  • Work

    We work on the request day.

  • Work completion report and confirmation

    After the work finished, we send you before/after pictures,

  • Send the key back

    We return you the key by mail.


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